Susan Stuckert (L), Kristi Church (M) &

Shelby Wolf, S.M.O. Registrar (R), touring the museum.

Shelby Wolf in the Fairchild PT-26.

Kristi Church, S.M.O. Registrar (L), & S.M.O. Volunteer Susan Stuckert delivered some of the Clarence Page collection to the museum including this Mustang Field photo.

Susan Stuckert in the Fairchild PT-26.

The Cimarron Field and Mustang Field Museum

Major Donors - Science Museum Oklahoma

Kristi Church trying out the C-118 pilot seat.

Science Museum Oklahoma (S.M.O.) has been the single most important contributor to the museum.  They have donated Clarence E. Page's collection of photographs, cadet class books, framed prints, and other memorabilia from both Cimarron Field and Mustang Field.  This is an incredibly important historical record which I will treat with the respect it deserves.