The Cimarron Field and Mustang Field Museum

Major Museum Donor - Tim Chopp

Tim Chopp is the President of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation.   Tim has been unbelievably generous to my museum, donating two Boeing C-97 QECs with Pratt & Whitney R-4360-59B engines and multiple batches of additional parts to make a complete QEC for display.  Tim is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met, with boundless knowledge, experience, energy, and enthusiasm for spreading the history of the Berlin Airlift through operating the Foundation's Douglas C-54 at aviation events all over the country and Europe.  Within months, their Boeing C-97 will have its first flight after a lengthy restoration.   Many thanks to Tim and all of his incredible volunteers.   I have an additional page with more information on their mission.  Tim Chopp is on the left in the first photo with C-54 copilot Scott Szuhay in my Douglas C-118 cockpit.  The photo in the lower right shows one of the C-97 QECs after about 1,000 hours of restoration work.